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Protecting God’s Little C​re​atures

Get in touch with us for more information on our services, as well as the adoption process.

Bringing Pets and Families Together

Who We Are

His paws & tails Rescue and Transport is a foster-based animal rescue and adoption organization serving our local community in Central Valley, California. We rescue animals from shelters, owner surrenders and strays that are never claimed, and place them into loving homes.

Aside from this, we help families keep the number of unwanted litters down by providing vouchers for affordable spaying and neutering. In addition, we help families create simple security measures, such as fixing loose boards and locks, that will keep their pets from escaping.

Our Humble Beginnings

His paws & tails rescue and transport started on 280/Southwest expressway in 2013 when a tiny poodle was running frantically in the fast lane and didn’t survive. That’s when Christine decided she would do anything to save any future strays in danger and she has kept that promise!!!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the number of animals euthanized in shelters every day. We strive to do this by educating our local community regarding the importance of spaying and neutering to reduce the possibility of unwanted litters, as well as helping families keep their pets from escaping.

Meet the Founder

The founder of His paws & tails Rescue and Transport has always been extremely passionate about animals since birth, dogs being her favorite! She would bring strays home when she was a kid, but because she grew up in an apartment, her mom always sent them on their way. She would cry over the dog for weeks.

She is the kind of a person who would stop traffic to save a momma duck and her ducklings. That’s how she got her first rescue dog. The founder has been involved in animal rescue most of her life and plans on helping God's little creatures for the rest of her life here on earth!

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