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Adoption Application

Adoptable Animal Interested In:*

Applicant Name:*



Name of Spouse / Significant Other:

Spouse / Significant Other Occupation:

Names and Ages of Children (if applicable):

Street Address:*



Zip Code:*

Primary Phone Number:*

Secondary Phone Number:

Home Type:*

Do you:*

If you rent does your Landlord allow pets:

Landlords Name and Phone Number:

How much time will the pet be outdoors:*

How much time will the pet be indoors:*

How much time will the pet be left alone:*

While you are gone, where will the pet be:*

What area(s) of the house will the pet be allowed into:*

Where will the pet sleep at night:*

Do you have a fenced yard:*

If yes, how high is the fence:

What type of fence:

Are the gated normally locked:

Do you have a pool:

If you have a pool, if it fenced separately from the yard:

Why are you interested in adopting a pet:*

Please clarify the selection above:*

Other Pets:*

Specify number and age of current pets:

If you have any other pets currently are they spay/neutered:

What pets have you had in the past:*

What happened to pets you no longer have:*

What would happen to the animal if you moved locally:*

What would happen to the animal if you moved out of state:*

Do you have a regular Veterinarian:*

Veterinarian Clinic, Name of Doctor, and Phone Number:

Are you willing to allow His Paws & Tails Rescue contact your Veterinarian for a reference:

How would you handle a medical emergency:*

Does anyone in your home have animal allergies:*

If an individual has an animal allergy, what type of animal are they allergic to:

How would you train your pet:*

Explain in more detail how you would handle undesirable behavior:*

Will you be able to live with pet hair on your furniture, stains on your rugs, a warm body on your bed, and an animal that might be destructive at time:*

Remember, pets are an investment of your time and money. Can you afford to provide medical care, grooming, proper diet, proper shelter, and exercise for your new pet:*

Are you able to make a long term commitment to care for your pet it's entire lifespan, which could be as much as 10-20 years:*

Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep the pet:*

Adoption requirements, adopter must be willing to commit to the entire lifespan of the animal (20 years), must be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident, and you must allow a home visit by a member of His Paws & Tails Rescue and Transport:*

Do you understand and agree to all the adoption requirements*

By typing you name in this section, you agree that all information is true and accurate:*

HIS Paws & Tails Rescue and Transport  reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant, for any reason. This questionnaire becomes part of our contract.

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